Campaign Finance


1st of 4 about CFR28; Setting the Limit

Proposal Highlights

Stop candidates from giving special favors to big donors. That's our sole purpose, but it's not easy to do while preserving our First Amendment rights.

If we only needed to limit direct contributions to candidates, we'd be okay with just Section 1 of our amendment. Our real challenge is to limit other Super PAC ad "donations". The genius of our amendment is that it protects free speech while regulating advertising.  Our definition of advertising (in subsection 2.3) creates clear, enforceable limits on advertising without threatening other information or opinions about candidates. Here's an overview:

  • Only citizens can contribute to candidates. Citizens are limited to no more than $445 to each candidate for each primary or general election--an amount that will adjust with inflation. Citizens can contribute only to candidates who are running to represent them.

  • Additional public financing is allowed, but not required.

  • Independent advertising is prohibited unless it is sponsored by a citizen for less than the $445 limit. Advertising is defined as any messages intended for people who do not expect or want to see them, regardless of source or content.

  • Any person or organization can otherwise say anything, in any medium, about candidates. However, they must identify themselves if they use media to advocate for or against candidates.

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