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It's time for action

1. Get your representatives' support

Have you seen video of town halls where voters are screaming about every issue? Can you imagine if they were screaming about JUST ONE ISSUE? Let's join sides for one project: getting money and favors out of our government. 

Talk to your friends and family, build a local coalition and pressure your officials to support our amendment, as written. We'll target all parties, at the state and federal levels of government. 

We are not here to take sides on political issues. Whatever issue you care about, this issue must come first for you to trust that your issue is addressed without favors to a select few.

2. Donate


We're not in this for the money, but it costs money to run the site, establish a non-profit, and get everyone organized. Your donations will be used to:

1. maintain/improve the site

2. get volunteers organized around the country

3. Spread the word

This is key to our success in getting something done. Please, please share us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and share our site anywhere you think people will notice.

4. Contact Us

Connect with us. We are average voters like you, and we need folks with skills around web design, access to elected officials to gather support, and most importantly, grassroots leaders in every district in the U.S. Fill out the form to the right and we'll reach out to you.

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